Inna Riddim Flex :: 01 :: with Strafe

First episode of brand new podcast series Inna Riddim Flex, hosted by Slice and produced in collaboration with Sydney Sessions DnB (check them out to see the video for this episode – they also do a live video stream for all their shows, including Inna Riddim Flex). This series is strictly Jungle/DnB, with guest mixes each episode. This first one features Strafe. Get it on your headphones!



Prototyped (Hidden Turn Rmx) – Nasty Habits
Weekend Rush – Slice
Jamaican Jazz – Furney
Holotropic Sense – Nu4m
Raver – Dimension
Fuck Da Bullshit (Everywhere) – P.A.
The Rinse – Unkut
Moving Target – Spirit
Whiplash VIP – Future Cut
Harness The Energy – EKTO1
The One (InsideInfo Rmx) – Mampi Swift
Wishes (Mindscape Rmx) – Fourward
Make You Want Me – Potential Badboy
Babylon (Bladerunner Rebuild) – Undercover Agent
Tear For Mercy – Slice


??? – Strafe
Objectify – Signal
The Raven – Alix Perez
From Creation – Mikal
Tofu – Need For Mirrors
Dusk – Kumarachi
Let It Happen – Break
Rotations – T>I
Wiggle – Need For Mirrors
Ectoplasm – Monty
Transmitter ft. Jakes – Enei & Kasra
Monsoon – Leaf
Devil And The Deep – Cruk
Gaze Into The Abyss – Arkaik
Dark Star – Alix Perez
Projections – Enei & Kasra
When I See You – Disprove
Shiv – Substance
Bullshit – Jam Thieves
Pagans – Need For Mirrors
Cocooned – Bungle
Hey Judas – Ulterior Motive ft. DRS

Slice B2B Strafe:

20/20 VIP – Future Cut
Midnight (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Rmx) – Uncut ft. Future Cut & Jenna G
Midnight Classic – Break
Where I Am – Bungle
Closer To God – DJ Hype
Lion Roar ft. Cowboy Ranger – Potential Badboy
Step On Necks – Voltage
From The People – Mikal
Spacefunk (Om Unit Rmx) – S.O.S.
Red Flag – Amit
Omakia – Conduct
Ayahuasca – Indigo
All I Do – T>I
’09 Track – Rockwell
D:beat – Razat
Archetype – Alix Perez & Fracture
Voice Of Instinct – Safire
Step Forward – Marcus Intalex

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