Altitude 507 :: 03 :: with Alchemist






Alchemist (aka Amy Kisnorbo) is the guest for the third episode of Altitude 507. An experienced singer whose vocals graced Royalston’s Popular Mechanics LP (Medschool) and the live act ElectroMagneticPeople, she has recently earned a strong reputation as a DJ in Sydney’s drum&bass scene, with upcoming gigs supporting internationals Djinn and Signal, and has also been honing her craft as a producer – her first release, ‘Pleasure State’, is available on Bandcamp. In the Altitude 507 studios, she talks about her influences and journey in music, and her guest mix is spans multiple styles and genres to form a cohesive, compelling and unique whole. There’s also plenty of reggae, dub, and bass music.

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Track listing:

Kamaal Williams – Salaam
Ojah feat. Hada Guldris – Life is better when you smile
Babe Roots – Ruff Out Dubwise
Blind Prophet feat. Tenor Youth – Marijuana Burns Capitalism
Dub Conductor feat. Dark Angel – Propaganda
Mønic – Deep Summer (Burial rmx)
Bjork – Human Behaviour
Jean-Michelle Jarre – Oxygene part 2
DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World
Aphex Twin – Xtal

Alchemist in the mix:

Monopoly – Forest Dark
Sense of the Q4 – Burned Bridges
Tokimonsta – Almost Free (Deft remix)
Dutchmassive – Take a Break
Moresounds – Simon Peacefull
Moresounds – Lightness
Harmonic 313 – Battlestar H
Vince Staples – Hands Up
Stype – Jenga
Sully – Assembly 2
Eprom – Oksana (original)
Eprom – Oksana (Ivy Lab rmx)
Stray – Movements
The Gaslamp Killer – Monster from the Underground
Kelela / Jam City – Cherry Coffee
DJ J Heat – Derailed Moments
Nguzunguzu – Skycell
TSURUDA – boo’s castle
Miyagi – Missing
TRUSUDA – 400 pound blunt
Mr. Carmack – Move Like Lions Do
Desto – Chamber 7
Dead Man’s Chest – All about u
LTJ Bukem – Atlantis (i need you)
DJ Rashad – I’m Too Hi (feat. DJ Earl)
Taye – Get You Burnt (ft DJ Rashad)
Machinedrum – Hard to Be
EAN – Rooframp
Krampfhaft – Clip Point
Kelela – The High Heavee (DJ Spinn rmx)
Om Unit – Midnight Oil (feat. Digital)
Burial – In McDonalds

Solid Blake – Masha
Amante – Growth
Nitri – Turn It Around
Mark Bionic – Rancid Roller
Ornette Hawkins – Raw Sun

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