Altitude 507 :: 01 :: with Freerange Roots

Our brand new podcast series Altitude 507 kicks off with the first episode featuring special guest Rob from Freerange Roots with a selection of reggae and dub music. Rob has been shaking things up on the Sydney reggae scene, with new nights like the Reggae Vinyl Social Club at Newtown’s Jamaica House. He brings some gems from his record box to share with you, our listeners.

For each episode of Altitude 507, we invite on a guest to talk us through some tracks that have special meaning to them, and then let them loose on the decks for a guest mix. Each episode also features a local spotlight on music by artists in or around the Sydney area, the track of the moment, Inna Riddim past and present: something from the vault of our back catalogue, and something just realised or forthcoming – in this case a track by Kobra Kai we’ve just got back from mastering.

(Finally a note on the audio – as this is the first episode of Altitude 507, we hadn’t got everything 100% on audio levels, so Rob’s mic was a bit too quiet to begin with. Later shall be greater!)


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