Anomie: SOS EP [ INNARV001 ]

After nearly a decade of digital releases, Inna Riddim is proud to present our first release on vinyl: Anomie’s SOS EP.

SOS EP showcases Anomie’s sonic world-building: elements of light and shade, force and affect, deftly woven and recombined to form a diverse yet thematically coherent cycle of musical realms. 

The opening track, ‘Car Park RDM’, is infused with the essence of fire: its brutal snares and skulking, rubbery bassline blaze a trail into a dark terrain, its menacing synth leads leaping like flames that cast long, quivering shadows to momentarily illuminate a world of swirling pads and hint at other landscapes and textures to come: the minor-key melodies that form a thread of continuity through the diversity of the EP. 

‘What You Gonna Do About It’ lifts the listener on gale-force air currents to a higher elevation. There’s a frenetic quality to this track—rising tension in the melody and a skittering, forward-tumbling breakbeat—that enacts a dialectic of control and overflow: the drums and tremulous bassline have the fluttering energy of a trapped moth. 

With ‘Machine Learning’, Anomie draws the listener ever deeper into a futuristic submarine world of warm subsonics, a hybrid electro stepping beat augmented by chopped breaks, splashy cymbals, and pads ascending like bubbles escaping a vessel. 

Then the final track, ‘Makedonski Oro’ plunges us back to earth with a slow, deliberate groove. A drawn-out melodic line, coldly stirring, undulates high above the unhurried, purposeful rhythm, like a piper heralding the approach of some martial procession of ancient warriors assembling in a valley, among high mountains of reverb-soaked atmospherics. The cycle is complete. SOS EP blends an extraordinary atmospheric diversity with dancefloor kinetics to evoke a dynamic world in miniature. 


If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, you can get the record directly from us via the Bandamp link above, or in selected record shops.

If you live elsewhere, however, you might find it cheaper & more convenient (especially with international postage delays caused by the pandemic) to buy from retailers closer to home. Distribution outside of AU/NZ is being handled by Cargo Records. The following link takes you to a page where you can find direct links to buy the record at top retailers in the UK, Netherlands, Japan and Sweden:

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