Vice Versa: Home Grown mix

Don’t sleep on this one. To mark the issue of their two-part release The Red Curtain EP Pt. 1 and The Red Curtain EP Pt. 2, Vice Versa have put together a mix of all their own originals, taking in their drum&bass roots as well as their most recent explorations of more diverse musical terrain. Download or stream.

1. First Contact
2. Northern Lights
3. The Fortune Reader
4. Framework
5. Road Less Travelled
6. Pandora
7. Confusion (A Tribute to New Order)
8. Over the Verge
9. Under the Sky
10. Old Habits
11. Shared Moment
12. Floatation Device
13. On the Verge
14. Blockade
15. Assembly Line
16. Broken Promises
17. Relegated
18. Cast Adrift
19. Shadow Warriors
20. Solo Mission

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